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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to produce the most consistent, trusted, highest quality, organic cannabis products in New Zealand, and to set the highest possible standards throughout the industry.

We believe that medical cannabis can help and heal. Cannabis is already available in many countries around the world as a medical option for a wide range of illnesses and diseases. It is not a ‘cure all’, and it won’t be the answer for everyone. However, it provides another choice without the atrocious side effects that many medications have, and worldwide research is showing huge promise. Understanding cannabis and its benefits has deepened over time thanks to ground-breaking advancements in research and technology.

Nature’s Answer is built on the belief that cannabis can improve quality of life. Nature’s Answer will be a vertically integrated medical cannabis company. We will control from seed to sale as a finished product, creating business opportunities and employment for our community.

We are about delivery – not flashy PR or big egos.

Nature’s Answer is completely focussed on producing innovative, pharmaceutical-type products using the highest standard EU Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Our partners are cannabis industry founders and experts with vast best-in-class knowledge.

Our advisors have unrivalled integrity in their fields of scientific capabilities.

Jan Baker

Director, Marketing Manager

Jan is a results-focussed business leader with over 30 years of manufacturing, retail marketing and management experience in both New Zealand and the USA. She specialises in multi-media marketing plans, working within strict budgets to deliver profitable outcomes, brand and product strategy. Jan holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Social Sciences.

“My husband was a business maverick, a risk taker, a tough guy. His passion and business vision revolutionised sleep technology in the western world. Roger lived with excruciating, mind numbing, chronic pain for over 10 years, addicted to prescription opioids (and hideous side effects) with no legal alternative, until his death in 2017. Medical cannabis would have transformed and extended his life. I have an absolute belief in the extraordinary medical benefits of cannabis, and am passionate about bringing a quality, life changing product to market. I’m excited to help form a stable industry in NZ built on solid business principles.”

Angela Calver

Director, General Manager

Angela is a supply-chain veteran, having been involved managing one of the largest supply-chains in the world for over 15 years. Angela has extensive experience spanning global corporate management, strategy and business development, and possesses a strong capacity to manage multiple projects on strict timelines. She has extensive system design/ implementation knowledge along with operations and project management skills.

“Professionally I have been involved at both the ‘coal face’ and the board room in ensuring businesses match their brand promise. Personally, my friends and family have been ill. Too many have passed. I believe the option of medical cannabis should be a choice for every individual in times of illness. It is a viable option as much of the research is showing and I have personally seen how it changes sleep, pain and nausea for a loved one who is ill. And now we must build a robust system to deliver this option to patients, their families and their health care professionals.”

Michael Moore

Director, Finance

Michael is experienced in professional and corporate environments having served in governance, executive director and CEO roles. He has a strong financial background and broad expertise gained through working in varied and diverse industries. He is an expert in supplier and risk management, inventory and demand planning. He is a Charted Accountant with a BCom degree, a member of Charted Accountants Australia and New Zealand, and the Institute of Directors in New Zealand.

“After university I spent 10 years as an accountant specialising as an Insolvency Practitioner with the last few years as a partner in a specialist insolvency firm. I then ran my family’s transport business for a number of years before it was sold to an Australian public company. I have also sat on the board of a not-for-profit NGO.. Personally, at an early age, I was disillusioned with the medical community with pills and drugs, having always opted for a natural solution. Being involved with Nature’s Answer brings together two things – my personal preference of quality natural products, and my strong business background.”