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Medicinal Cannabis Scheme consultation

Overview The Government has committed to establishing a Medicinal Cannabis Scheme to improve access to quality medicinal cannabis products through: […]

Medicinal cannabis proposals greeted with optimism and concern

The Government has finally announced a scheme for regulating medicinal cannabis but there are concerns over the delay, and barriers […]

Where is the research?

Many people talk about the lack of research into Medical Cannabis and the various ailments the plant is showing to […]

What Science Says About Cannabis as Treatment for Inflammation

Representing the body’s response to injury, inflammation is the immune system’s way of warding off harmful stimuli. But the process […]

8 Health ‘Facts’ About Marijuana that are Complete BS

Psychologists tell us that fear is the most powerful motivator we know (and the reason you hate public speaking). One […]

Cannabis: Where is the data?

New Zealand is gearing up for a contentious cannabis conversation. Looking to temper the current NZ opinion, which – according […]