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Our Products

Nature’s Answer’s aim is to provide a highly efficacious, highest quality, organic cannabis medicine. Cannabis grown for medical purposes must be of a very high and consistent quality. The profiles of cannabis-based medicines need to be known, consistent and maintained over time.

Regulators, healthcare providers and patients need certainty that locally produced cannabis products are safe, effective and consistent. Nature’s Answer will commence operation producing CBD (medical component of a cannabis plant) products with low THC for human research. Nature’s Answer will produce CBD capsules and sprays, CBD/THC sublingual spray and topical creams (for joint pain and skin conditions).

Despite its notorious history, the considerations for turning cannabis into a product that can be used for medical purposes are the same as for any new therapeutic product.

  • consistently contains a known amount of pharmaceutically active compounds;
  • is free from any toxic or unsafe contaminants;
  • is in the form that is appropriate to administer to the relevant patients;
  • the biochemical basis for its pharmaceutical activity is understood;
  • there is clear evidence that it provides a therapeutic benefit for patients;
  • has few known side-effects that are acceptable and/or can be managed.